More Eggs

Yesterday I went out to collect eggs and found a hiding place, including these eggs into my daily collection I had 34 eggs.  My mother and I began to find all kinds of egg recipes when we came across an egg casserole.  This casserole was very simple six eggs, cooked sausage, 2 cups of cheese, a cup of water, half a cup of milk,a package of white gravy mix, 2 tablespoons of melted butter, and bread sliced into one inch pieces.  It did say to grease a 11×9 pan but as you can see from the pictures below I used parchment paper (I am in absolute love with parchment paper).

egg casserole1

As you can see that three adults (one being a really picky and light eater) finished off more than 3/4ths of the 9×11 pan.  It was so delicious and seems to be such a hit that it will be included into our arsenal of menu planning.  The only draw back is the time it takes, 10 minutes to prep and then another 50 minutes on 325.  Once it was done we waited 10 more minutes to cut into it and when we did it was still to hot to each so we sat looking at each other for another 10 minutes waiting for our single servings to cool (what a draw back uh).  So easy and so delicious definitely worth the time.

egg casserole2


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