Egg Custard Pie for PI Day

My oldest daughter (Ireland) is in the 7th grade and in her school they celebrate PI Day (PI=3.14 and yesterday was 3.14.2016).  I did help her on this because she did not want to show up with the same old thing that everyone else brought or bought.  Ireland collected 20 eggs the day before for our big baking day.  I had bought dollar store pie pans (2 for a dollar at Dollar General and bonus they came with foil lids) and looked up the recipe for the crust on, I love using shortening for pie crust.

With all the goods out for the crust we mixed it together just as the directions told us to.  We then took the dough and made two balls and wrapped them in plastic wrap and put them in the refrigerator because we were running into lunch time and needed to cook and eat.  After lunch we rolled out the dough and placed it in the pie pans, then we made the egg custard just as we did when we put it into the muffin cups.  After all was done we put the pie into the refrigerator to set up, we didn’t need it until the next day any way.

IMG_5679 [66179]

The morning came for Ireland to take in her pie and she was so proud of it.  That evening she came home with almost three fourths of the pie still left, and we asked her why?  Her explanation was that most had not even heard of egg custard and was scared they wouldn’t like it, but her face changed when she said that three of her friends and a teacher tried it and loved it.  I guess I know who to give egg custard to for special occasions.


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