The Lost and Found

For the last couple of days I have noticed a drop in the egg production from the girls and was wondering why.  There were many senerios that have gone through my mind like the new puppies who can climb in every chicken coop, house, and nesting box to steal eggs.  Then the age old snakes, molting, and weather came to mind but the girls were still singing the egg song almost continuiously, so I decided to follow the song to the layer.

It was early this morning and I heard the song being passed about so I slipped on my boots and off I went.  I went to the houses and coops first, then onto the places they had used in past years and hiding spots, finally I saw her.  This little white girl was laying on the ground and at first I could swear to you she was dead but I saw that lovely big green egg sitting next to her.  Bending down to pick up the little one reviled that there was a total of 19 eggs under here.  These were the missing eggs from the last two days yeah what a deal this was.  I scooped them up and brought them in to put into the incubator we will now see how much time is on our side.FullSizeRender - Copy


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