The Story

Homesteading had been shown to me when I was young but I never looked at it as anything different than just the way of life.  It was not until I became an adult that I realized that we lived in this way because we were truly poor.  During my teen years and on both my parents worked as well as I.  We afforded the finer things in life (not the life style of the rich and famous) and strayed away from our old ways to the modern conveniences.  In a matter of three months all of that came to a crashing halt.  Due to health reasons my mom had retired in the summer from teaching by February my dad and I had also lost our jobs due to health reasons.  My dad has became restricted due to COPD, only 20 percent lung function makes anything and everything hard.  As for myself well I am a hot mess starting with a thyroid surgery at age 21, a total hip replacement at age 27, and now at age 33 my knee is being replaced.  I am extremely happy that we were able to fall back onto our homesteading skills.

Five people live in our house and three out of the five are severely disabled.  This blog is about how we have overcome our disabilities to live a life that makes us whole, whole as individuals and as a family.


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